DSC_4792 DSC_4862DSC_4819I’m a follower of Jesus who loves people, laughter, coloring my hair, string lights, sun flare, photography, tattoos, coffee, & The Office. I’m a born & raised Texan who recently returned after living in Haiti for three years. I like to pretend I speak Creole, but really I just laugh while stumbling through the few Creole phrases I’ve picked up over the years.DSC_7889DSC_8213


I was born & raised in a small North Texas town & I have a degree from the University of North Texas in Communication Studies. While on staff as the Visual Arts Director at my home church in Texas (Grace Fellowship Church), I first visited Haiti in 2011 on a short-term mission trip. I, like so many others, was captivated by what the Lord is doing in Haiti through Mission of Hope. After another short-term trip in 2011 & a 3 month summer internship in 2012, I moved to Haiti full-time in September of 2013 to be the Mobilization Logistics Director. You can read more about this in my “Big News” post. I lived in Haiti full-time for 3 years, & now I call Texas home again. I still have the privilege to work for Mission of Hope & enjoy getting the opportunity to share what God is doing in Haiti while I work stateside. I experienced significant spiritual growth on my trips to Haiti & developed a deeper understanding of the Truth of the Gospel & the Lord’s plan for His people. My desire is to help others experience the same transformation. I have a deep love for the people of Haiti & the beautiful redemptive plan God is working out for His people.


I adore my family & friends.

I enjoy being challenged to get out of my comfort zone…even if it takes me a while to admit.

Remember that Communications degree I mentioned earlier? Well, I had to get a minor to graduate, & I chose Social Sciences. Ironically, Social Sciences is my least favorite subject…ha! It just happened to be the minor that was the quickest to get.

I worked at Grace Fellowship Church from age 14 to 22 & am so grateful for my time there. I was surrounded by people who pointed me to Jesus & encouraged me in my walk with Him. I’m thankful for each & every person I worked with, and how they continue to impact my life. My passion was bred there, my relationship with Jesus was cultivated & grown there. My calling – being a follower of Jesus Christ & sharing the Gospel – was shown to me there.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Thanks for stopping by!


above photos taken by my talented friend Amanda Johnson

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