Chicago Mission Trip.

Wow. Where to begin…this was such an amazing experience!  What a cliche phrase, I know…but it truly was/is!  Not only were we able to share Jesus’ love with the children and see God move in the lives and hearts of the children, God moved in us too.  He makes himself so evident, and i find that completely awesome!  Something else I found out…if you pray for patience – God will put you in situations that will make you want to scream (in order to build patience)!!

Most all of the little kids have a very sad home life, and it is encouraging that the Agape Center is a light in a dark community.  People’s lives have been changed, and that is something that only God can do!

I had the yellow team – 1st grade!  AHH!!  🙂 Even in the midst of their difficult situations, they were so happy to be at day camp learning about Christ and His love for them!  The first day – Monday – was definitely a struggle…and I will admit that I had a tough day.  Monday night we prayed for patience, courage, servant’s hearts, and several other things – and Tuesday was a complete 180 from Monday!  WOW does God answer prayers or what?!  I appreciate all of the prayers from home and from several people I don’t even know prayed for us!

The whole theme for our youth group for this mission trip was I.N.A.M – It’s Not About Me.  We said it over and over, reminding ourselves that we are there to share Jesus’ love for them, and that this was not a vacation!  It was so awesome seeing our youth group come together, bond, and hold each other accountable!  My relationship with God, my peers, and my leaders was strengthened, and continue to be strengthened.  I strongly believe that every single person who went on this trip was there for a reason.  God is so good and unfailing.

Here are some of the MANY pictures from the mission trip:

Naquon and I

Kijuan and I

Unique, Me, Kijuan, and Mahogany at the beach.

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