This was such a fun bumper to shoot.  It’s a stop-motion video, so we took hundreds of pictures and made this:


Here are some pictures of the process from start to finish.  Jerry’s nephew Alex came down to help us out with the shoot; and of course we had to take a break and make cookies while we were editing.  I’ll try to explain some of these pictures…the 1st one Jerry is staring at the shoe while we are brainstorming what it could look like.  Then of course, setting up.  Then, cookies!!  Then, all of the eyes that were drawn for the shoes.  Then, the actual shoot.  Then, editing.  Then, trash.  I can definitely say that this was a super fun video to shoot!  Thanks to Jerry and Lisa who did the voices for the shoes.  Enjoy.

Jerry Brainstorming

set up cookie break

eyes shoot

computer-monitor trash

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