I love fireworks. Love them. They are so beautiful to me, and I feel like a kid every time I watch them. Driving home tonight I was watching fireworks to the left and right of me, and then all of a sudden, I saw a HUGE burst of lightning. I laughed. I get so awestruck by the beauty of fireworks: man-made fireworks, and I sometimes don’t even acknowledge the incredible works of my Savior. I laughed because it seemed like God was like “Oh yea? Fireworks huh? Watch this.” Then it was a lightning bolt that lit up the sky…to the left, to the right…AMAZING. The fireworks looked like little lightning bugs compared to a bright spotlight. I drove home the rest of the way admiring the lightning, and the beautiful nature that my God made. I don’t want to forget the lightning, I don’t want to stay focused on the “fireworks” in life. I want to live for the lightning – the things only God can make happen. For me, the fireworks in life are the things that we as humans can handle, or the times when we feel in control of our lives. I want to put my faith in the lightning – in the things ONLY God can do.

3 thoughts on “Fireworks…Lightning.

  1. Totally awesome blog from a totally awesome young lady!!! You are so far ahead of most of your generation!! I know that God is going to use you to bless so many of the people that have the amazing opportunity to share life with you!!!

  2. You are such an amazing writer. You help me to see things through your eyes. It is wonderful to read your thoughts and ideas. Thanks for sharing!!

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