Jimmy Needham is one of the artists I’ve been listening to recently and wow. There is one particular song – Hurricane, that absolutely hit me between the eyes. Below is one of my favorite lines from the song:

And if destruction’s what I need
Then I’ll receive it Lord from Thee

I don’t ever want to quit asking to be broken. I believe the moment we quit being open to brokenness is the moment that we tell God that our plans are better than his. I can honestly say that in the moments where I have been the most broken are some of the moments where I have experienced God more than ever. On the same note, I’m not saying that we have to be in the midst of hell in order to experience God, but I do believe we have to be willing to go through complete moments of brokenness and still believe that God is bigger than whatever we are facing. God is bigger than divorce. God is bigger than cancer. God is bigger than the economic crisis. God is bigger than we can imagine, but yet so intimately cares for his children.

My point is this: being broken isn’t bad. God restores. God is the ultimate healer. In the moments where you feel completely shattered, God is so deeply desiring that you turn to him and use that experience to grow.

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