So, I’m here! Look out world. Ha. Okay, advice to all people moving into a dorm:

1. Try to move in early. [example: my roommate Mary is in band and she got to move in early, so I joined – crowds averted and now I’m all settled and no one else is even in the building. YES!]

2. Buy sticky tack – it’s a gift from angels!

3. Bring bottled water because you will get thirsty.

4. Wear comfortable shoes // I did not.

5. Be nice because boys will help you move in and carry your refrigerator for you! 🙂

6. Don’t get too much stuff before you move in because chances are you will end up returning a lot.

7. If you buy a lamp…buy the lightbulbs. // again – I did not.

So, that’s my advice in a nutshell…basically I’m writing today to mark a new beginning!

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