9 States in 3 Days.

About a month ago, my dad, my brother and I decide to road trip up to Ohio to surprise my great-grandma at her 90th birthday party! The really fun part was that NO ONE knew we were coming! There were over 30 people at the party and not a single family member knew we were going to be headed up there. We took my car and left at like 8pm Thursday night, drove straight through to Ohio and got there Friday at about 3pm! Dad started out driving, and then somewhere in Oklahoma I took over. I was fortunate enough to drive the leg of the trip from about midnight to 2:30 AM (INSERT SARCASM HERE)…and then I woke my brother up and got him to drive.

Ryan and dad finished the rest of the way up there. I could NOT sleep in the car though. Goodness. Normally I pass out in cars, but nope. I sat there staring at the clock and listening to my ipod. The very first stop we made once we got to Columbus was our favorite pizza place – Donatos.

We then went to my great-grandmothers house and when we showed up, she started crying and saying, “Oh my gosh! You made my 90th Birthday!!” Seriously, it was the sweetest thing. Then we managed to hide in the bathroom and scare the rest of my family once they got there. It was priceless seeing the look on their faces! The party was a great success, and it was so awesome being able to see family that I hadn’t seen in years!

My precious Great-Grandma! Isn’t she adorable? She wore the tiara the whole time too!

My Grandma Patty, Me, Ryan, Dad, and Great-Grandma

Great Grandma with her daughter, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren!

Me and my dad

We had to leave after the party and go back home to Texas.
Here are some fun pictures from the infamous Road Trip ’09!

This trip was exhausting, over the course of like 68 hours (36 of which were in the car), we drive 2285.5 miles, trekked through 9 states, and my brother and I didn’t get a bit of homework done! haha. BUT, I will forever have these great memories with my dad and brother, and the rest of my family! SO worth it.

6 thoughts on “9 States in 3 Days.

  1. what a great time, Rachel! Thanks for sharing that. I can see you telling your kids and grand-kids this story for many years to come.

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