I was listening to a podcast on the way to work this morning from Ben Stuart & Breakaway Ministries down in College Station at Texas A&M. My brother goes to A&M and loves attending Breakaway on Tuesday nights – he always calls me and tells me how great the message was that week and to listen to it on the podcast. I have adopted Breakaway as a very important part of my life even though I only listen to it on the podcasts.

I love that my brother & I enjoy reading/listening to the same stuff. We call each other and talk about what we’ve listened to that week and what we’re reading. I seriously can’t begin to describe how awesome it is to have a brother with a passion for the Lord.

Breakaway is a great resource for college-aged students & young adults.

I’ve listened to 2 podcasts in the last 2 days from the series “The Chief End of Man” and I absolutely loved them. Ben explains something that I haven’t been able to. That’s probably why he is a pastor and I’m a college student. Basically, when a person is chasing after Jesus and comes to the moment where they realize that the sole purpose of EVERYTHING is to radiate worship to God…that’s when something clicks. I can’t pinpoint when this happened to me, but I feel like I look at situations differently now and that I am thankful for every little thing that crosses my path.

Every thing that happens in life, every relationship, every lesson learned, every observation…EVERYTHING can be used to reflect worship. I want to live a life of complete and total worship to the Lord with the deepest gratitude for Him sending Jesus for me.

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