We’ve Arrived in Australia!

So, it’s been an adventure already! The 16 hour plane ride was much better than expected. I slept literally about 8 or 9 of those hours! Apparently I was more exhausted than I thought. We watched 2 movies – Dear John, & Valentines Day…and then I watched an episode of the Office. The plane was a 747 – it felt giant. It was a very easy flight, and the flight attendants were precious.

As soon as we got off the plane in Australia, the wheel on my luggage broke! Not just kind of broke, but SNAPPED OFF ENTIRELY:

So, I was the girl lugging a 54 pound suitcase through Sydney with one wheel. But, we got to our hotel, dropped off the luggage, and then went to China town where I found a new suitcase.

One thing we’ve noticed is that food here is much more expensive than the States. We had an omelet for breakfast at a local cafe, and it was $30 for the 2 of us. Thankfully, the hotel we are at has free breakfast for the remainder of the week! Also, the public transportation system is so easy to navigate. Everyone has been friendly, and if you hop on the wrong bus (which we’ve already managed to do – I’ll take the blame for that one!), they’re really nice about helping you find the right bus to be on. A few pictures from the day:

The prettiest clouds.

About to land in Sydney!!

Why hello Opera House!

And the Sydney Harbor Bridge – which is massive.

The delicious breakfast.

This bird is so colorful. There were several of them sitting right by us as we were eating at the cafe this morning & they were taking sugar packets from the waiter’s hands!

I’m pretty sure this is the same logo as Burger King…

They call diapers “nappies” – nappies sound so much cuter than diapers!

Yep. You saw right. $23.84 for Maybelline makeup. No thanks.

Well there you go, a quick update for you! We’re getting ready now and are going to Hillsong Church for the Saturday night service. I’m so excited! This time change is still weird thinking that I’m 15 hours ahead of all of my friends and family back home. Love you all! XOXO.

6 thoughts on “We’ve Arrived in Australia!

  1. I was on the phone with zach when you called, idk why it didn’t ring! I was bummed, but I got your voicemail and have been checking your blog. I wish I was with yall, it looks like you’re having a great time. I’m proud of you rach, if you get a chance call me again sometime, love you!

  2. Question of the moment: What is the 4th of July like in Aussieland? Do they know about American traditions of the 4th? What do Aussies do for Australia Independence Day? Do they celebrate it at all? Hmmmmmmm.

    1. haha, hardly anyone even said anything..but some people noticed our shirts and our accent and told us Happy 4th! I have no clue what Aussies do for independence day!

  3. Hi baby hope your having a wonderful time. I’m so proud of you. Love the pics. Church wasn’t the same without you today. Sevice was awesome though. So creative have fun be careful and let that beautiful light of yours shine brightly love you bunches

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