Australia Adventures.

Casey & I basically just hung around Sydney today (Saturday) and took more pictures. We slept in and then just relaxed for the day. Having nothing on the agenda for the day was a really nice feeling. Tomorrow we fly to Melbourne!

In the window of our hotel!


There was this random switch in the restaurant that Casey really wanted to flip. We still don’t know what it did.

God is breathtaking.

We saw this and Casey says “ahh! It’s just like off the Lion King!!”

A bird literally just almost attacked us…this is a laugh of terror.

We’ve mastered the art of cartwheels.

These birds were letting us get SO close to was crazy!

Okay…I photoshopped the one above! But the one below is accurate. 🙂

So there was this little boy there who was brave enough to let the birds get on his hand…Casey & I both were not brave enough…So in a terribly cheesy & completely unrealistic way, we’ve improvised. Worst photoshopping ever.

(just to clarify – we meant to make these look totally fake. 🙂 )

Pretty friend.

The Australian Naval base is behind us

The Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Opera House!

Today = success.


ALSO – I’d like to give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my best friends Zach!!

This is your “homemade” birthday card!

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