Healesville Sanctuary.

So Monday was SOO much better than Sunday! There was only one thing that happened that made for a not so fun story…but we’ll get to that later 🙂
We went to Healesville, which is about an hour-and-a-half outside of Melbourne. We went to the Healesville Sanctuary and saw koala bears, kangaroos, platypuses, dingos, and lots of other animals that are native to Australia. This was a MUCH needed day.

Casey & I were both really excited about going to see the animals, but little did we know that the ride there would be just as incredible! Wow…I feel like I have overused that word so much, but it’s all I can say to describe how beautiful it was. There were huge rolling hills, with the most vibrant green grass and the skies were ridiculously blue..I’ve never seen such vibrant colors.

God was definitely showing off for us Monday, and we were taking it all in & loving every single second. We got to the zoo and got to see some of my favorite animals.

And I promised Zach I would take a picture JUST for him…so:

Also, there was this really pretty turquoise lantern that was in the dingo exhibit area…so of course I had to snag a couple pictures 🙂

Casey likes to hug trees

We also saw one of my NOT so favorites. haha, this snake is apparently highly deadly…good thing it was behind a veryyy thick glass cage.

These pelicans were hilarious!

We had such a peaceful day!

Also, there were some really fun hats in the gift shop…but they were really expensive, so we just got a picture with them 🙂

The unfortunate event was that Casey & I almost got $183 tickets for having our feet on the chairs in the train. LAME. hahah, 3 people in very intimidating trench coats with the train station logo came up and threatened us & yelled at us…safe to say we were a tad scared. But we got only a verbal warning…ohhh good times.

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