Apartment Sneak Peek.

So, it’s a new chapter in life…I’ve moved into an apartment! I live with Mary, and 2 other friends from school. They are all such sweethearts.

Each of us girls have our own room, so it’s fun to see everyone’s different styles come together under one roof. Enjoy a few sneak peeks of my room!

This is on the wall above my bed.

This next picture is a D.I.Y paint sample garland that I saw over at Jaime’s blog. This craft was FREE! minus the string, which thankfully I had in my “random box of craft stuff”

And last but not least…my infamous Dumb & Dumber poster. My room would be incomplete without it.

I’m working on more, but there’s a short and sweet sneak peek!

6 thoughts on “Apartment Sneak Peek.

  1. Oh my gosh! I love your poster!!! Dumb and Dumber is one of my all time favorite movies!!!! I might have to find myself a poster like that. amazing!

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