Astronomy Class

While I have never really been a fan of science classes, I have really enjoyed my astronomy class this semester. I feel like a teeny tiny little speck on this earth when the professor is lecturing about galaxies and stars and phases of the moon.

I sit in complete amazement at how intricately and perfectly everything works together. Gravity, seasons, rotations of the planets, the fact that we are JUST close enough to the sun to be warm but not burn up, and not too far away to freeze. I am astounded at the brilliance of God.

God has so intricately formed you – AND the universe, but the most amazing thing, is that you were fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139). That’s not something to take lightly.

The same God who created everything that we see, breathe, live in, rotate around, etc – created YOU. He loves YOU. The even more amazing thing is that he knew everything that you would do before you were born, and He still deeply desires for you to come to Him.

Not to crush your spirit, but you’re not perfect…I’m not perfect…the only perfect one was Jesus. Even in the midst of our ugliness and imperfectness, God desires us to pursue Him.

Look around at this beautiful earth He has created…the same God that made this made YOU.

photo: taken in Australia

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