What To Do?

Sometimes (okay, lets be honest…all the time) I feel like I need to be talented in everything. I see missionaries and think – AH, I need to be a missionary! I see pastors, and think – AH, I need to be a pastor! I see photographers and think – AH, I need to be a photographer. You get the picture (haha, pun. yes, intended.) But seriously, see the pattern? I think all of the options that are available at this stage in life are a TAD overwhelming. So, here’s where I fail…I get discouraged that I’m not as good as a writer as (*insert any talented writer here*), or that I don’t take as pretty of pictures as (*you-name-him-or-her*)…I put this pressure on myself to be this Christian.churchworker.student.blogger.wannabephotographer.heartformissions.etc…kind of person, and you know what? I know I was not created to be a crazy superhero. But what I DO know is that I am created in HIS image (Genesis 1) and that I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).

Sidenote: When saying I, this means you too. The Bible was written for you too.

I know that the Lord has me where I am for a specific purpose, and when it’s time for another purpose and direction for my life, I trust Him and depend on His guidance and perfect timing. My point is this: I will never be the best writer, blogger, photographer, missionary, church worker…etc. because I am not perfect. BUT, I know that the Lord has given me the gifts He has because they are to be used for His glory (Ephesians 6:7).

I’m thankful for the Godly people the Lord has placed in my life to help me realize that even in the midst of questions about the future, the Lord’s plan is secure. He knows what He’s doing. I’m not the one person He has forgotten about and forgot to make a plan for. Neither are you. He has a divine calling on your life and it’s your choice to be obedient and submissive to Him.

We are called to radiate His love to this broken world, and He’s given each of us different gifts and passions in order to do that.

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