I hear people say over and over that they’re “blessed”…I say the same thing. But my question is:

What determines if we are “blessed” or not?

When I’ve caught myself saying it, it’s been based on materialistic things…for example: “I’m blessed I get to live in an apartment and can pay bills”, or “I’m blessed because I had the money to buy a digital camera”…I’m not saying that those instances don’t make me blessed, but I am not blessed because of them.

I am blessed because AND ONLY because Christ Jesus took on all of my sins as His own, and died on the cross so I am reconciled to God. I am blessed because of the grace of my sweet Savior. THAT’S why we’re blessed.

I don’t want to ever wrap up materialistic items under the title of “blessings” – I do believe that the Lord provides for us and that is part of the favor with God…but I do not want to go around parading that I am blessed because of anything other than being saved by His perfect grace. If we count our blessings based on worldly things, that means we are temporarily blessed. Counting our blessings in Jesus Christ alone means we are eternally blessed.

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