Christmas 2010 – Surprise Road Trip!

My dad and I took a trip to Ohio to surprise our family for Christmas! Nobody knew that we were coming, it was such a shock! We had such a wonderful time visiting with all the family!

The total mileage of the trip was 2699.8 miles…y’all, that is a LONG time in a car. BUT, it was totally worth it.

This video pretty much sums up most of the trip, but I also have pictures, so keep-a-scrollin’

*Note: the audio on the YouTube video is different than the one on my facebook page because YouTube kept disabling it with the “500 miles” song.

Dad and his sister Hayley

Me with Pops and Grandma Patty!

Pops, Grandma Patty, and Hayley

Cousins on Christmas Day!

On that note, I hope everyone had such a wonderful Christmas Holiday with family and friends and laughter, celebrating the most precious gift of Jesus! I’m truly truly amazed by the sweet gift of grace.

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