Some Beautiful Christmas Presents from Some Wonderful People!

As mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to show some of the awesome presents that my family and friends got me this year. Truly, my heart is overjoyed at the thoughtfulness of the people that surround me. I didn’t take pictures of every gift from every person, but please please know that I am beyond thankful for all of them and all of you. Love you all!

My parents and grandparents gave me money, which I know sounds like a typical Christmas gift, BUT I seriously needed it for mission trip stuff. My mom also got me hair product (seriously yall, I love being the daughter of a hairdresser!) and also some of my favorite perfume. And I bought a new camera lens that I am so excited for it to come in! I didn’t take a picture of the cash, but here is my brother and I using Christmas money to get vaccinations for Haiti!

Like I mentioned in the previous post, my brother got me this C.S. Lewis book! I love it!

This is a chair that I bought a LONGGG time ago at a garage sale, with the intention of making a seat for it and covering it and what not…welll…needless to say, I never got around to it, and the Burnetts know that I *adore* this chair and really wanted to have it in my apartment. Soooo, they made me a beautiful seat for this awesome chair, and had it all pretty and tied with a bow and in my room when I got home from Ohio. Is this fabric not just gorgeous??

This is a necklace that my Aunt Hayley sent me from Ohio – funny story. She mailed it to me because she didn’t know that my dad and I were surprising all of them for Christmas! I got it once I got back to Texas! It’s so adorable!

This is the AMAZING coffee mug that my sweet friend Katie got me! Um, hello. Can you say precious? Also, she got me a super cute hair piece that has birdcages on it. I’m tellin’ ya, we’ve been friends forever – she totally knows me!

I ADORE this print that my lovely friend Michelle got for me! It’s the perfect whimsical print, and I love it oh so much! I have it on a clipboard frame right beside my desk. Michelle also got me cupcake potholders and warm fuzzy socks (I forgot a picture) which are awesome!

And last, but certainly not least, is this amazingly fantastical adorable owl stuffed animal made by the ever-so talented Mary James (AKA, my roommate and friend) 🙂 I can’t even start to describe how cute this thing is in person. It will definitely be featured on the blog more.

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