Class Cancelled for a WEEK?! And Some Weekend Plans.

I love how we Texans handle snow: cancel class, work, everything! 🙂 It’s quite awesome. What a wonderful start to February.

The first day, my wonderful roommates and I watched Oceans 11, 12, AND 13. hahah, yes, I believe the word you’re looking for is awesome. Then, we enjoyed a *very* short photoshoot out in the snow. Brrr.


Gargi slipped on the ice, and Macey pointed and laughed.

pretty roommates!

so. cold.

Macey loves the “Narnia” lamppost at our apartment complex

I’m tellin’ ya, people should not drive in the ice. Especially if from the South. I can say that since I am a fellow Texan; we don’t know what we’re doing when it comes to this weather. haha

I know this is blurry, but I literally got the call from UNT that they were cancelling school AGAIN…haha, so excited!

Then, we made a beautiful fort in our living room and watched Friends and played Uno. It was quite the relaxing day!

The following pictures can be described in 2 words: self-timer.

I felt like such a creeper while taking this next picture. I just love the fog on the window and everything!

So, that was the 1st day. On the 2nd day, Macey and I trekked up to the front office to pay rent, and then I left for College Station because I needed to be in Houston for the weekend to be a leader for Fellowship of the Woodlands “Reality Weekend” which is a camp-type weekend for students 7th-12th grade. Anyway, I went to College Station because I knew the weather in Denton was going to keep getting worse. The drive usually takes me 3.5 hours. Well, in the ice, it took me about 5.5. It took me about 3 hours just to get to Fort Worth. At one point, my car turned perpendicular to the road, YIKES! (So, remember that part earlier in the blog that I talked about us Texans not driving in the ice…yea, I broke that rule. 🙂 haha.)

This weekend was so wonderful! My group was 8th grade girls, and we really had a great time talking about the Lord and growing together. Here is a picture from Saturday where we built walls for houses that would go to Haiti, and several areas in America. Building walls with over 600 kids was so encouraging; they were really excited about getting to help!

Me and my girls after building a wall! So sweet.

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