So, Remember That Photography Thing We Were Talking About A While Ago?

Well, HERE are some more photographs I took this past fall! I absolutely adored shooting these photos of the precious Burnett family. We were losing daylight FAST, but the love this family has for one another shines through these pictures. Beautiful. I’m truly thankful to have these sweet ones in my life.

Onto the pictures!

And look at their style, COME ON, the cuteness is just too much.

I “babysit” (more like hang-out with) these girls all the time. That’s right, be jealous y’all. 🙂

This picture is one of my favorites. I think it describes them perfectly.

I. Love. Sun. Flare.

Jerry and Lisa were high school sweethearts. (*insert “awwwwww” here*)

Audrey and her missing teeth, love it.

Sisterly love!

Alanna, she’s strikingly beautiful!

Thank you Burnetts, for being my first family to shoot…with a camera. 😉

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