7 DAYS!!

In 7 days, I leave for Haiti again! 🙂 I.am.so.excited.y’all. I am ready to see all of the lovely folks at Mission of Hope: Haiti, but I am SO SO ready to help with a local Vacation Bible School that they will be having in the surrounding communities. I want to hop on the plane right now!

We (Lisa, Allison, and myself) will be there for a week. Lisa and I were on the same trip over spring break this year, and I KNOW she is just as excited as I am. Allison is Lisa’s niece, and I’m eager to meet her and share this experience with her as well.

FACT: It is *cooler* in Haiti right now than it is here in Texas [can you believe it??] – Crazy!

FACT: I will be spending my 20th birthday in Haiti 🙂 Dream? Yes indeed! [Last year I was in Australia when I turned 19…I’m thinking I should try to make it a tradition to be out of the country on my birthday. haha I kinda like that idea.]

FACT: Once I am 20, I will no longer be in the same age category as Justin Bieber – adios teenage years! They were fun, but your time is up.

FACT: I have a lot of packing to do.

FACT: Bears eat beets. Bears beat Battle-star Galactica. [Fellow Office watchers – thank you for laughing at this one 😉

This is a card that I gave out to prayer partners for the Haiti trip we went on over spring break, and I would love to share it with all who read this!

*note: the spring break trip was in March…which is why the card says March 😉 haha

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