Haiti July Trip // Part 1

The first trip to Haiti (spring break 2011) was AMAZING. I absolutely loved it. The second trip (July 6-13th 2011) was EVEN BETTER. How is that possible? How can it get better? Well, I would love to answer that question.

If I could describe this trip in one word, I would say, “relational.” We had VBS Monday thru Thursday mornings, from about 8:30am-1pm. It was such a sweet time of loving on kids from surrounding villages and orphanages. There were over 300 kids when we were there! I heard that the next week there were over 500! Awesome, right?? The very first day of VBS I held the same little girl the entire time. I’m pretty sure my heart melted a little bit.

Some more fun VBS pictures!

Rapping at the start of VBS. too. cool.

Besh with his “mask” made out of a water lid.

Sweet Samuel. VBS wiped him out – too much fun!

After VBS on Thursday, we went to a local village, Simonette and played soccer with kids on the beach and skipped rocks into the ocean.

Looking at Allison’s pretty tattoos!

silly boys playing with a soccer ball!

On Friday, we went to the ocean to swim with the kiddos from Hope Village (the orphanage at the mission) and it was so much fun. They had beach balls that they would stick in their swimsuits and use as floaties haha! Surprisingly, it was fairly chilly because of the wind, so lots of the kids wanted to be held in the ocean. We didn’t mind. I hung out with Esther most of the day…love that child!

sassy little Esther! 🙂

the orphanage dog, Kenzie.

Me, Allison, & Cynthia holding our sweet babies!

playing jacks with rocks.

So much joy.

On Saturday, we went to Titanyen to a kid’s Bible study that a woman in the church hosts each week! There were about 50 kids in her yard, and she was giving TOMS to several of the kids. It was so sweet getting to see their faces when they received their shoes. We spent a couple of hours there with them.


The kids love Lisa!


this cutie has some of the best expressions!


Melanie lovin’ on the kids


Rockin’ Lisa’s hat! haha

Well, that concludes Wednesday through Saturday! I’ll be back with the rest soon!

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