Haiti July Trip // Part 2

This post will have pictures & stories from Sunday thru Wednesday (the last half of the trip). Looking back at these pictures is stirring my heart and filling it with even more joy!

Sunday morning we went on a tour of the Mission, to see new projects and developing buildings around campus. Then, we went to church! One of my favorite things about church is singing with fellow believers in a different language! Creole verses, English choruses…it’s breathtaking. After praise and worship, we went to children’s church with the kids. Children’s church was a lot of singing, dancing, and Bible stories; full of fun! Then we ate lunch at the mission and then went to 2 other locations (Leveque – where the 500 homes project is, and Bercy). We were able to go to these earlier this year during our spring break trip, and seeing the progress in just a few months brought tears to my eyes. So much has been built. Lives are being changed, and people are hearing about Jesus Christ. People are being invested in, and cared for. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s the Gospel.

These are the 2 school buildings at Bercy – they put a roof on the week we were there!

Maddie and this precious boy!

Rob & Megan looking at an old boat

Miss Katie loving on children

LEVEQUE!! There are over 150 homes built now! When we were there in March, there were around 30.

I was able to hang out with this beautiful little girl last trip, and I got to see her again! My heart breaks for the way the other people in the village treat her because of her disability. Look at that smile. She is BEAUTIFUL. I would love if all who read this blog would take a few moments and pray for her. Pray that she would feel the love and acceptance that she has in Christ. Pray that the Lord would send people to remind her that she is valued and loved. Pray for her safety, and ultimately that she knows Christ Jesus as her Savior.

Maddie and Woodnie (I got to hang out with Woodnie last trip too!)

It was so great seeing kids that I got to play with on the spring break trip!

Dinner at Gwo Papa Poul’s (Big Daddy Chicken).

Sunday evening we had a night of worship led by Jean Marc, one of the awesome boys at Village of Hope. He is full of joy!

Monday morning was VBS (pictured in the previous blog post) which consisted of holding lots of sweet kids, running around playing games at sports, going to Bible story time, community health, craft time, and lunch! Sweet memories. Monday afternoon I got to visit with the women that run the 3 Cords business at Mission of Hope. That was amazing. These women are amputees from the earthquake who are now able to have a job with dignity & provide for their families. In Haitian culture, amputees are often ostracized, but these women are empowered! They make the most beautiful headbands, purses, flower clips, & greeting cards. All of the women that work there are either amputee women, or they support an amputee family member. These girls are crafty, and so funny! I helped Sencia finish up some headbands and tie the tags on them while visiting with the others. These ladies are encouraging, and full of joy. I was so busy laughing with them and tying headbands, that I didn’t take a single picture. haha good thing I’ve got the memory locked down in my brain.

Tuesday morning was VBS again, with more loving on kiddos. Tuesday afternoon, the Mission sent us to Wahoo beach for lunch and to hang out for a couple of hours. We were able to spend a lot of time with Gary and Cynthia – two of the sweetest people I’ve met. They just retired this year, and have a love for the Lord, and His people! They were so encouraging, and I hope to see them again soon.

Me, Cynthia, Gary, Lisa, & Allison!

Us girls

Gary & Cynthia!

Lisa has got the model pose down!

adore these women.

lunch, YUM.

prettiest view, ever.

We got back to the mission and this sunset was waiting for us.

Tuesday evening was a night of worship at the church…prayer and singing, and saying goodbye to amazing people that I met that week. Tuesday night I went to sleep to the sound of the most wonderful rainstorm…it was pouring!

Wednesday morning we woke up super early, went to the airport and flew back to America. Haiti, I pray I’ll be back soon.

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