Echo 2011 // I love these people.

This year the Echo Conference was a blast (and it has been the past 3 years too…)! BUT, this year, there was a Smilebooth, and we had too much fun. 🙂 One night, we went to a private screening of “Blue Like Jazz” (the screenplay of the book by Donald Miller). It was so good. I can’t wait to buy it when it comes out.

Grant, Jerry, and myself sat in on some really inspiring breakouts; we laughed a lot (one of the greatest things about Echo), learned a lot, and had time to worship as a team. It was great!

Also, I was able to meet Promise Tangeman-Wurzell, an incredibly talented designer/photographer/inspiration-in-general. I have admired her work for several years now, but I am mostly encouraged by her pursuit of honoring Christ and being a Christ-follower above all. Her and her husband (Brian) have a heart for the Lord, and that is easy to tell! Brian led worship for the conference, and it was such a sweet time of worship. Promise led a great breakout that I have definitely implemented into my workflow.

Echo team – another success!

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