Haiti: Week 3

I first visited Haiti in March of 2011, and met this sweet little guy, Galston.

This past week, I have been getting to hang out with him nearly every day. He is so full of joy, and is quite innovative with toys and creating games…much like most young boys you know! Galston is one of the many kids we get to spend time with on a weekly basis. He lives in a village we are in every week. He is hearing about Jesus Christ and the Gospel often. Multiple people are involved in sharing the Gospel and loving on the people of Haiti, including the North Americans visiting on their short term mission trips. However, I must say that one of the most exciting things I’ve been able to witness are the Church Reps (Haitian translators who are young men and women in the church) serving and loving their community because of their love for the Lord. Two of the pillars MOH is standing on are Church Advancement and Indigenous Mobilization, and this is one of the most exciting places to watch life transformation occur. Pastors from the Church of Hope are pouring into the Church Reps, and in turn, they are going out into their community and proclaiming the Gospel with boldness. I am encouraged by the way my Haitian brothers and sisters are serving the Lord, and I am beyond grateful the Lord has allowed me to be here. When I look at this picture, I see a sweet young boy who is being exposed to the Gospel. I see how the diligence of Christ followers being obedient to their responsibility of living out the Gospel is transforming lives in Haiti. The Lord has been challenging and convicting me to always be intentional about sharing and living out the Gospel. I pray He challenges you to do the same!

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