The Explicit Gospel

The book that I’m reading this week is Matt Chandler’s “The Explicit Gospel” – wow. I’ve only made it through the first chapter so far, but I can tell you that I am thoroughly enjoying this book. I have been challenged, encouraged, and motivated.

I was reading Tara Leigh Cobble’s book “Orange Jumpsuit” last week, and something clicked for me. I’ve tried to find a way to describe the change in my relationship with Christ that occurred after my freshman year of college. She describes it as changing from watching a black-and-white movie, to the full-def & high quality color version of the movie. Until I saw the color version, I never realized what was missing. I have loved Jesus since I was a kid, but I finally understood the personal relationship I am created to have with Him as I grew up.  My love for the Lord has grown so much since then, and I’ve also had some of the biggest “coming to Jesus moments”…it’s been many beautiful, yet painful experiences. The closer I get to the Lord, the more I realize how desperately I need Him.

Tara Leigh talked about how the Holy Spirit used Matt Chandler’s sermons to ignite her soul and draw her affection to the Lord; I can say that the same thing happened to me. Matt’s sermons have been a huge resource from the Lord that has drawn me to Himself. I do not know Matt personally, but I will say that he would not take the credit, but he would attribute it all to the Holy Spirit and His power.

I wanted to share a few excerpts from his book, and I would encourage you all to read it! I’m looking forward to finishing it!

“The reality is that all God has to do is reveal himself to you, and you’ll gladly join the mission in service to his kingdom. He doesn’t force the issue; he just has to reveal himself as he is: mighty, wondrous, gracious, loving, and radically saving.” (p. 31)

“…how often do we forget that every good thing in a fallen world is wholly a gift of God’s mercy and grace?…Every fit of laughter, every delectable morsel of food, and every single smile is the result of his mercy and grace; he owes us none of it.” (p. 30)

“This is the story of the Bible, not you or me. It is God and God alone, God’s name and namesake alone. The point of everything is God’s glory alone so that to God alone will be the glory. It is God who is deep in riches, God who is deep in wisdom, God who is deep in lovingkindess, and God who is deep in glory. Not us. This is the message of the Bible.” (p. 35)

“Worship is the attributing of ultimate worth to something. When this ultimate worth is attributed to anyone or anything other than the one, true triune God of the universe, it is idolatry. The root of Christian worship, then, is acknowledging, submitting to, and enjoying the supremacy of God’s glory. In all things.” (p. 36)

Y’all, that’s only from Chapter 1! So much good stuff, so much truth! Love to all of you! ❤



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