Haiti Week 4/5 – a few pictures

I’m at the beach today, so that means a couple of pictures can be uploaded! 🙂 Enjoy!

*note: these are iphone pictures*

from the flight to Haiti!

welcome to Haiti!

sunset over the mountains



yet again, pretty sunset!

Mikkelson and I – one of my sweet boys in Leveque! This was taken at the revival a couple of weeks ago.

Galston and I – he’s growing up!

Galston, myself, and Mikkelson

Beautiful Haiti.

Webcam at the beach.

Thank you all who are keeping up with my blog while I’m here and for the sweet encouragement, support, and prayers!

One thought on “Haiti Week 4/5 – a few pictures

  1. Rachel,
    I get so excited every time I see a post from you because I love love love keeping up with your blog. It doesn’t feel like home here at the apartment with you and the girls, it feels so empty. I miss going into your room late in the evening and having wonderful, meaningful talks with you, or helping you with your speeches, or just talking about anything. I love you so much and I miss you so much more than you realize. I am so glad that you have the opportunity to go on this trip because I know it is building you up more and more into the woman on God that you are becoming. Though I am looking forward to when you come back so I can give you a really really big hug.
    Love you,

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