Haiti Week 6

July 2nd marks my 6th full week of being here in Haiti as an intern at Mission of Hope! This past week has been full of so many great things. One awesome thing I get to experience each week is the excitement of the new teams arriving – I get to re-live my experience of when I first came to Haiti! I remember the beauty I saw, the kind-hearted people, and the breathtaking sunsets. I remember the way my heart broke when I saw people without homes, families, food, and water. I remember trying to process through the feelings of sadness, anger, and questioning.
The Lord has done such a work in helping me understand the common factor all people have: spiritual poverty. We are all separated from God because of our sin, and it is only through the atoning work of Jesus Christ, and our accepting His free gift of salvation that removes us from our spiritual brokenness and into relationship with Him. The spiritual poverty is so vital to understand when working in countries where it is easy to focus on the material poverty. Fixing the material poverty without addressing the spiritual poverty is like trying to put a bandaid on a disease. This is one of my favorite things to work through with team members – the fact that we are coming alongside the people of Haiti as mutual, broken people – not as someone greater or smarter – and walking through life with them and sharing Jesus.

One of the things that touched me the most this week was watching 3 of the translators/Church Reps working with my team who willingly gave up their lunch to feed a few of the children who had spent time with us all morning on a work site in a local village. I watched one of the translators weep when he found out these few kids had been without food for a while. My heart broke, and I saw the kindness in my fellow brother in Christ’s heart. I saw Jesus in His actions of sacrifice, and the other Church Reps who gave up their sandwiches for the young boys.

Not only was this an incredibly moving thing to see, but it was a great conversation starter for the team members who saw their sacrifice. I do not know if the 3 translators who sacrificed their lunch realize how very beautiful their actions were, or the effect it continues to have on those of us who observed it. This is one of the many many moments the Lord has allowed me to have a glimpse as to how He sees people. I am beyond thankful.

Here are a few pictures from the past couple of weeks! (sunsets, smiling faces, prayer walks through the village, journaling, and more smiles!)







One thought on “Haiti Week 6

  1. Dearest Rachel,
    I’m so happy to here that you are safe and so inspired while in such a torn country. I know God has great plans for you and the work you do to bring glory to His name.

    And random question, do you speak French while you are down there. I thought Haiti was a Francophone country?
    Praying for you!!

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