Haiti: time flies when you’re having fun

Things have been so busy, and it’s such a great thing!

Until I have a chance to sit down and write things out, I’m going to show you some pictures of the past couple of weeks!

Tiffany, myself, Tim, Kristen, & Andrew // tour time!

Kristen, Tiffany, and I – these 2 ladies are amazing.


Elizabeth is the Mission Trips Director, and she is the boss of all of us interns. I’ve been training with her because she leaves for vacation for 3 weeks in the states, and I’m working on the logistics side of things while she’s gone! She is great, y’all. Side note: people get us confused in the villages a lot. I am called “Elizabeth” OFTEN. ha!

Weekly soccer game at Leveque

Andel, Cahyleen, and I. love these kiddos!

My friend Tim, and all of his friends! Everyone loves Tim!

Kristen & Lovelee – sweet friends!

The other night, we had another “intern outing” out in Minoterie at Villarson’s family restaurant. Villarson is one of our translator’s here at Mission of Hope, and his mom is an awesome cook.

So many great friends!

delicious. so very delicious.

I cherish these ladies! Bible study at 6am is a precious time!

However, this picture seems to be more accurate of us. ha!

Hannah & Missy – beautiful mother and daughter – inside & out!

Papitas, myself, & Villarson – 2 MOH translators, and awesome friends!

Andrew with his signature dance move!

Elizabeth & I

Carvona & Tiffany have some mad hops!

Rachael & Rachel – She is one of the sweet women on staff at MOH! I love dinner dates and mentor meetings with her each Wednesday.

Bailey & I. Sweet Bailey! This girl. We are soul sisters.

It is crazy to realize that it’s already been 10 weeks here! WOW. Time flies when you’re having fun.

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