Haiti: Smiles, Laughter, JOY.

When I signed up for this internship, I knew that being in Haiti for an entire summer meant that I would be able to build relationships with people in the surrounding villages. However, I did not expect to actually feel like a part of a family. I have grown close with this sweet family in Leveque, and I can not even begin to describe how much I am going to miss seeing them on a weekly basis. I am so thankful they have allowed me to join their family, and spend time with them each week! They have truly blessed me.

I have had the opportunity to get to know their neighbors as well, and I really just love spending time with them all. As soon as I walk up to the house and run and give Ozanna (the mom) a hug, they pull out the chairs and we sit and talk for a while! Most of the time our conversation leads to taking pictures and laughing – a bunch! So, here are the most recent pictures from my Leveque visit! (To read more about this family, read here.

I love this picture…the blur and all. Debuston has the best smile.

I love silly faces.

adore him!

silly picture time!

Andel & I.

sweet kids!

Ozanna – my Haitian mom!

I cherish these moments.

This is probably my favorite picture. I love all of the smiles, and just the pure joy in this picture.

My heart is so very happy. What precious people. What a beautiful country. It is evident to see the Lord’s redemptive plan among this country, and His people. What a beautiful summer.

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