“Home” from Haiti.

sweet Debuston cheesin’

This blog post is different from all of my other ones.

I am back in the states.

I am missing the beautiful friends that I’ve made in Haiti, and I spend many moments wishing I was still there.

I know the Lord is sovereign and the Lord is absolutely working in Haiti, and I am so thankful that I was able to see His redemptive plan for Haiti up close and personal. In short, I was able to work for Mission of Hope, an organization dedicated to following Jesus Christ in their efforts to bringing life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti (MOH Vision). All the way from education, health care, prosthetics, housing projects, feeding programs, church advancement, and-the-list-goes-on – I have been able to SEE how Jesus Christ is changing this nation for the glory of His Kingdom, and using ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.

I can honestly say that these were some of the best 3 months of my life.

I have gained so many new friends, both Haitian and North American. We have worshipped our Savior together, and shared His Gospel.

I have seen life change happen in front of my eyes. I have experienced what it is like to be welcomed into a family in a culture totally different from my own.

I have seen people sacrifice for others. I have sat in meetings with leaders of Mission of Hope and prayed with them; I have seen their true love for the Lord and for reaching Haiti for Christ.

I have seen tarantulas, rats, and mice – and managed not to freak out…too much 😉

I have laughed, cried, and been exhausted all in a day – but it’s never felt so wonderful. I have seen the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

I have never seen more beautiful smiles from people.

I have tasted the most delicious mangos, pineapples, & avocados. I have developed a love for fried plantains. (Now, I just need to learn how to cook them!)

I have picked up a *little* bit of Creole 🙂 (my family thinks it’s more than it actually is…ha!)

Sometimes, I sit back and wonder WHY the Lord has allowed me to have this beautiful life. I am truly thankful.

You may be wondering “what next?” Honestly, I am wondering the exact same thing. I know the Lord is continuing to do amazing things in Haiti, and I am encouraged by the way Mission of Hope is so willing and dependent for the Lord to continue to work through them. I fully support MOH and the way they approach “missions.”

With that, I believe that I am given a responsibility to steward the experiences I have been given well. I have seen things first hand, and now there is a response. There is a response of either helping, or neglecting. There is no gray area.

I believe the most important tool I have as a Christ follower is prayer. Prayer is powerful, y’all.

  • Please continue to pray for Mission of Hope and their areas of influence – that the Lord would be made known, and that people would accept Him as their Lord and Savior.
    • Please pray for the staff of MOH – that they would be continually reminded of the beauty of the cross, and the work that they are doing in sharing the Gospel; their work is not in vain.
    • Please pray for the young men and women working as church reps/translators for Mission of Hope – that they would continue to preach the Gospel with boldness and urgency.
  • Please pray for other organizations reaching Haiti for Christ – that they would continue to follow the Lord faithfully and be obedient to His leading.
  • Please pray for families and children in Haiti – that they would trust, know, and grow in the Lord. That the children would be raised in a home surrendered to Jesus Christ, and they would grow to be leaders that lead the nation to Christ.

In addition to prayer, if you are able to support MOH financially, here is the link for the donations page of the website: CLICK HERE

For now I am “home” – and I am thanking God for this upcoming season of my life of finishing college and trusting Him for what is next. Thank you for praying/supporting/encouraging me through this journey!

Love to you all.

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