2013 seems to have been a whirlwind already! Happy MAY, y’all. (let’s make a deal and pretend this isn’t my first blog of the entire year…yikes! ha).

Transitions. Transitions. Transitions.

That word. Transitions has summed up the past 5-6 months for me.

I am a college graduate, real “adult” paying bills, rent, working, etc. #fulltimegrownup (let’s also pretend that I didn’t just use a hashtag in my blog).

I am now at the church full-time! This is something that I’ve been praying about since I started at the age of 14…it’s so exciting to look back and watch how the Lord has opened doors and created a beautiful family of people that I get to work with every day.

I have a HOUSE. I am renting a sweet little home closer to work with one of my good friends, Brandi!

I feel like so much has been going on in my heart and mind the past 5 months. It hasn’t been the easiest season, but it sure has been sweet. The Lord has such a beautiful way of reminding me that His timing is best, and that He is up to beautiful things in this world…how amazing is it that as a Christian, I get to play a part in His redemptive plan!

On days where I feel like my life should be about me and growing my own little kingdom (and let’s face it…sadly that happens), I’m thankful the Lord reminds me that life is about the advancement of His Gospel and about serving others. I want to know Christ and make Him known. Oftentimes, the Lord shows me more of Himself and draws me to Himself in ways I never imagined and under circumstances I couldn’t have planned. He is working on my heart, praise Him.

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