Haiti: One Year Ago


One year ago today I was hopping on a plane to Haiti for the summer to serve at Mission of Hope. Today I am reflecting on the growth, change, & sweet times had there last summer! I am also missing it pretty badly today. “It” being the sweet friends I made while there, the laughter, the smiles, the hugs, the bold coffee, the fried plantains, the JOY for the Gospel of Jesus, the Creole, the church services, the beach, the sunrises + sunsets, the painting, the buses, the canters (even getting stuck in said buses), and the list goes on.

So today, I will reflect. I will reflect on the things that the Lord has given me in the past, I will observe what He has given me today, and I will dream about the passions He has placed in me for the future. For each of these phases I will be exceedingly grateful, because they are gifts from God.

I am thankful for the past, present, & future that the Lord so faithfully holds in His hands. What a gracious God.

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