There is Today.

I read this blog post yesterday and it resonated with me.

I am so used to constant changes and tangible goals. I am a goal setter and a list checker. The past 4 years has consisted of the following: high school graduation, college with new classes every semester, mission trips to Haiti (and the support raising that went along with that), spending the 2012 summer in Haiti, college graduation, transitioning into a full time ministry job after graduation.

The only thing I knew was to pray and trust God for the giant changes ahead…and now? There is not a tangible goal for this current season. There is not a grade to make, a paper to finish, an amount to raise, a diploma to receive, or a ticket booked.

There is routine. There are roots being grown. There is a quiet stillness that I am not sure how to navigate. It is so opposite of what I am used to.

I will tell you this though, it is good. It is sweet. It is necessary to experience this season, however long it may be.

there is today

I do not know what the “next big thing” in my life is. But you know what I do know? I know that there is today. I know that I serve a God who is far more concerned about the state of my heart than my location. I know that I would rather have a quiet, non glamorous life filled with Jesus than the richest, most self-glorifying life without Him. (And can we be honest here…some days it is easier to believe that than other days. But at the end of the day, it is the Holy Spirit that affirms that truth in my heart – not my own head knowledge or religion).

He is teaching me to enjoy the quiet. He is teaching me to rest. He is teaching me to thank Him in all things and see each and every moment as a gift of His perfect grace (thanks Ann Voskamp). He is teaching me what it looks like to focus my heart on the Giver of the gift and not the gift itself. He is teaching me what it looks like to dream and pray big, while sitting still and being content. It’s all about His Kingdom and His glory. Slowly but surely, I am learning.

Gifts // Grace // Jesus.

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