Coffee & Jesus Time.

As I sit here in my apartment in Haiti reading through old journal entries from earlier this year, I feel like my heart could burst with thankfulness.
On March 22, I wrote “Lord, I want to do mission work in a foreign setting – but only if I feel Your hand guiding me and Your Spirit leading me. I pray for Mission of Hope and the amazing things you are doing there; I pray for the continual proclamation of Your Gospel and lives being changed and following you.”
There’s more, but that’s just a little snippet of the entry. 6 months ago I sat in Texas journaling this and legitimately not knowing if I would ever be exposed to long term foreign mission work. That was a really incredible season of The Lord correcting my mindset and my desires into wanting more of HIM and not His gifts. I definitely do not have it figured out, but I know that He sustains, He is enough, He is faithful, He is full of grace, and more than anything – He wants us to be bringing glory to His name.
Hear me on this, I’m not saying that if you pray for something, 6 months later The Lord makes it happen. What I am saying is in those intimate moments of crying out to God and laying your desires at His feet, He is listening. He is there. He knows, precious friend, what is best for you and for His name. Trust Him. He’s got you. Lean into Him. It’ll change everything.


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