First Week (Back) in Haiti.

Lots of great things happened this first week! Sometimes, I stop what I’m doing – look around, and just breathe. I’m overwhelmed with joy that the Lord has allowed this season of my life…I love what He is doing on this earth, and I am humbled to be a part of it.

IMG_6102 - BLOG

Reunions with precious, precious friends out in Leveque. You can read more about my time in 2012 with these lovely munchkins HERE and HERE 🙂 I need you all to know that my heart almost burst with joy when I saw those smiles…BE STILL MY HEART.

IMG_6112 - BLOG

Plantains. Need I say more? 😉

IMG_6127 - BLOG

Food-packing happening here at the MOH campus (this food was grown IN Haiti, is being packaged IN Haiti, and is going to be redistributed to Haitians through the food distribution program here…so awesome!)

IMG_6137 - BLOG

Getting used to the wildlife roaming around campus.
however, one thing I will never get used to and never be okay with? Roaches. SICK.

IMG_6144 - BLOG

Making new friends & painting their bathrooms with little anchors.
I’m seriously so thankful for sweet new (& old) friends on staff here at MOH. From breakfast, card games, church & Bible studies, trips into town, and painting bathrooms – we do life together! I’m honored to serve with incredible men & women, and blessed to call them friends!

Also – I spy my “Dunder Mifflin Rabies Awareness Race For The Cure” t-shirt. You better believe I brought that to Haiti.

IMG_6179 - BLOG copy

Sitting outside the baby room, watching the sunset, & laughing with Mackenlove.
That’s a good place to be, friends 🙂

That’s just a glimpse at my first week here! Looking forward to many, many more weeks.

To all of you who have emailed me, facebooked me, texted me, THANK YOU. Your sweet words are life-giving, and I am thankful for your support and friendship.

You are loved,

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