Comma Moments.

Google defines a comma as: “a punctuation mark (,) indicating a pause between parts of a sentence or separating items in a list.”

This has been a week of comma moments for me. Let me try to explain…

Sometimes, being in the whirlwind of day-to-day life here, it is easy to gloss over the incredible God moments that happen This was a week that I felt that the Lord has intentionally placed “comma moments” in my life that made me pause. This was a week of doing things outside of my normal routine here in Haiti.

I stayed at the Bercy campus with a team, and woke up early to make coffee…waking up early meant that I got to watch the sunrise over the mountains. I had no internet, so I didn’t wake up and immediately check email, instagram, facebook, etc.


That sunrise? Let me tell you…It reminded me that I serve THE God who goes before me, who is good, who does good, who is sovereign, faithful, beautiful, just, generous, loving, & creative. Comma moment.


I got to see people meet the kids that they sponsor. I got to watch as these young Haitian students made the connection that these North Americans believe in them, their Christ-centered education, and their ability to fulfill their dreams. Comma moment.





I spent Saturday in Bercy with the team for Village Time: evangelism, prayer, and inviting people and their kids to a Kid’s Club taking place that afternoon. After lunch we went to the Kid’s Club. The beautiful thing about this Kid’s Club? It was 100% planned by the Village Champions – who are young men (& women in other villages) in Bercy who are passionate about seeing their village hear and see the Gospel, and personally know Jesus. These men planned this club, found the location & set up the event, practiced the songs, budgeted for food/snacks, and led the entire thing. I sat in the back with my camera in my hand and tears in my eyes at seeing these men so passionate about the Gospel and taking the call of being a disciple of Jesus seriously. They invited Matt & Amanda to see what they had put together. Matt works with each of the Village Champions in the surrounding villages for Church Advancement and Amanda is their English teacher. They were like proud parents, watching the men they work so closely with really take ownership of this afternoon club. This is what is is all about. Making disciples who make disciples. This is what Jesus calls us to, and it is happening right before my very eyes. Comma moment.

IMG_7002 copy

IMG_7065 copy FAVORITE

IMG_7093 copy

The Bercy Village Champions with Matt & Amanda:

IMG_7103 copy

Atthis, so happy it was a success!

IMG_7111 copy

Matensly & I 🙂 This is Atthis’ son! He’s such a little stud, and he knows it.


Don’t skip the comma moments.

They are important, they teach us to recognize the writer of this beautiful story of redemption, Jesus.

They lead us to the Father’s heart.

Oh, how grateful I am for these commas.



*In case you’re new to the blog, you can read more about what I’m doing at Mission of Hope: Haiti in THIS post or checkout the website HERE.

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