Haiti Photo Update

Sunrises and coffee are two of my favorite things. Put them together? Yep. It’s the best combination.

Coffee Steam

I spent last week out in Bercy with a team this past week and it was breathtaking. I had a day off while out there too, so I spent basically an entire day reading in my hammock by the beach. It was so refreshing! The rest of the week out there was pretty busy consisting of: waking up super early to start the coffee, going to village time with the team, and even helping with a mobile clinic one day.


IMG_6488 BLOG copy final


I spent just a little bit of time out in Leveque with my sweet friend/Haitian mom Ozanna. The kids that I have grown to love so so much are her little ones, and they weren’t home this time (thankfully, I have been able to see them a couple times since being down here though). It was really nice just to sit and give Ozanna my full attention, and not be pulled in different directions by the kiddos. We talked about my family coming to Haiti in March of 2014, and went through pictures on my phone of friends and family. We talked about her and her family getting to meet my family soon and how excited I am for that!


I asked how her older kids were doing (ones I hadn’t seen since last year), and she stood up and told me to follow her. We walked a couple hundred yards to a different house and I got to see Gildah, her daughter! I hadn’t seen ! I hadn’t seen her since last August. AND, Gildah had just had a sweet baby girl, Cendie, 12 days ago! So, of course I was smitten and just sat there and was in awe of the fact that I have had the privilege to know 3 generations from this family. What a gift. What a precious, precious gift.


IMG_6572 BLOG copy final

I went running out at Bercy one evening and thought this was an uncanny resemblance to running back home in Texas. 😉


The moon was SO bright last week…I just kept thinking of Phil Wickham’s song “Sun & Moon”…lovely reminder that the light that we shine is not ours, but Christ’s.

  IMG_6489 BLOG copy FINAL

Have a great week!

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