A Glimpse of Worship Service

This morning I read this out of Ann Voskamp’s Advent Book “The Greatest Gift”:

“Linger in the quiet and taste the grace of now, and know that He is good and He is God.”

Know that He is good. He is God. I am reminded of this Truth daily. When my heart begins to feel overwhelmed, I hear Him like a whisper,

“I am good, darling. I am God. Trust. Rest. Breathe.”

These are a few photos from church this past Tuesday night. Can you see it, friends? Can you see the open hearts, open hands, the surrender? The praising God for his goodness and for who He is. Linger in the quiet…taste the grace of now.

IMG_8168 copy IMG_8180 copy IMG_8186 copy IMG_8189 copy IMG_8193 copy IMG_8196 copyIMG_8211 copy IMG_8213 copy IMG_8219 copy IMG_8235 copy IMG_8265 copy IMG_8258 copy IMG_8315 copy IMG_8336 copy IMG_8363 copy IMG_8368 copy IMG_8347 copy

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