Visiting Home.

It’s been a busy & fun few weeks back in the states visiting friends & family for Christmas break.

It’s a strange feeling, to feel like my life here in the states “on hold”, while the rest of people’s lives are rapidly going. It is not a bad feeling, but it is one that I have never experienced before. I think I will call it “growing up.” That has a nice ring to it…

It’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks…these are just glimpses. Christmas services, roof tops in Dallas, NYE road trip to Austin, craft days with my sister, time with my parents, Christmas morning runs with my brother & SIL, great friends, a flat tire & the nice random stranger who fixed it, sitting by fires, & a homegroup reunion…it’s been wonderful.

I am encouraged, rested & exhausted at the same time (I promise it’s possible…ha!), & excited to head back to Haiti and jump into work there. I’m eager to see what the Lord is doing in 2014.

Have I mentioned before that I am just so very thankful? Because, I am.


IMG_7912 copyIMG_7897 copyIMG_7895 copy  Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset IMG_8206 copy IMG_8196 copy IMG_8178 copy IMG_8160 IMG_8099 copy IMG_8140 copy IMG_8135 copy IMG_8085 copy IMG_8031 copy IMG_8010 copy IMG_8009 copy IMG_8008 copy IMG_8007 copy IMG_7965 copy

IMG_8227 IMG_7959 copy

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