Fort Jacques || Staff Outing

I love getting to see more & more of this beautiful country. Last week, we took a staff trip to Fort Jacques (which is south of us) and took a tour of the fort. History has never been my favorite subject, but getting to walk through the fort and learn a lot more about the history of Haiti was great and something I am so glad we got to experience as a staff together. Also, there were some great photo opportunities, so you know I loved that. Here’s a peek of the adventure at Fort Jacques:

IMG_8804 copy

Haiti is beautiful.

IMG_8807 copy

Raquel & I – thankful for this roommate & friend of mine!

IMG_8817 copy

Elizabeth & I in front of the Fort

IMG_8820 copy

Gorgeous details.

IMG_8824 copy IMG_8831 copy IMG_8836 copy IMG_8851 copy IMG_8857 copy


It was a great day to learn more about Haiti & bond with the staff.

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