Valentine’s Day.

I’m not going to lie, the past 2 holidays (Thanksgiving & Valentine’s Day) I’ve experienced here in Haiti have been awesome. You can read about my Thanksgiving experience here.

Valentine’s Day:
Call me crazy, but I think it is assumed that Valentine’s Day isn’t usually single people’s favorite “holiday” – it is usually a reminder of Now, I’m not a cynical person who hates the color pink & love – actually quite opposite. I even painted my nails with pink, glitter & a heart. IMG_8931

I love love. But, as a single lady (cue Beyonce), it is a day that I spend some time wondering & hoping – what the future will look like when I get to make my future husband heart-shaped pancakes, go out to dinner & enjoy a night out with him.

But this Valentine’s Day?
The day started like any other day here in Haiti – I woke up pretty early, got some work done & sent teams off to their day in the villages. I came back up to my house to find the internet being fickle, making my usual work day a bit difficult. I got a text message from a friend on staff here at MOH asking if I could run down to 3 Cords later on & take some photos of the 3 Cords Valentine’s Day party. I figured since my normal workflow was interrupted with the non-working internet, I’d run down there, take some pictures, & come back up to the house & finish work.

What is 3 Cords, you ask?
The mission of 3 Cords is to provide opportunities for physically handicapped women & men, & to show them that they are both beautiful and valuable. It is a beautiful place of redemption & restoration. You can read more about 3 Cords & see the beautiful items these men & women make here.

I made it down to 3 Cords around 11:45, said hi to the precious employees, & then we gathered together. After this beautiful woman sang & prayed, this man signed his prayer. The party had started!

IMG_8913 copyB copy IMG_8924 copyB copy IMG_8928 copy

A few of the women began serving the food. I was shocked when they walked toward Adam & I and handed us the first plates. First, I resisted because I had food up in my apartment that I could eat. The women asked me why I didn’t want to eat this food, & I graciously took it with eyes brimming with tears & was stunned. It was a delicious feast, & the afternoon was filled with laughter, dancing, & even a few “catwalk/runway” struts. IMG_8930 copyB copy IMG_8931 copyB copy IMG_8932 copyB copy IMG_8933 copyB copy IMG_8934 copyB copy IMG_8941 copy

As I sat there eating this meal, surrounded by laughter & singing – the love of the Lord was so present. I saw the beauty of that moment. I saw the deep love with which Jesus loves His people, and the beauty of the overflow of that love spilling out to others.
On a holiday where it would be easy to get hung up on what I do not have, the Lord beautifully reminded my heart of the grace that He has lavished upon me.
We are richly loved, friends.

IMG_8963 copy IMG_8971 copy IMG_8975 copy

Sometimes, the combination of non-working internet, a random photo assignment, & an unexpected feast are just the reminders that we need.

IMG_8976 FAVORITE copy
As if that wasn’t a beautiful enough day, we spent the evening having “Galentine’s Day” – girls only – the non married staff ladies & the intern girls hung out at our apartment for the night – & we perfected the art of heart shaped pancakes, watched a movie, & laughed – a lot.

Romans 5:8 – but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

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