A Beautiful Afternoon.

It was a last minute decision, to join Amanda, her mom, & Matt on an afternoon to go visit the house of Atthis (a village champion in Bercy). I hopped in the back of the vehicle & headed to Bercy with my friends. When we got to their house, we were greeted by Atthis, his beautiful wife Pierrette, & his 3 radiant children – Athlande, Pednika, & Mathensly.

IMG_9639 copy

We were welcomed into their home, & out of the corner of my eye I saw trays of food that were the foundation for what looked like a delicious meal. After saying hi, Pierette (Atthis’ wife) slipped out the backdoor. We spent time playing with the kids, hearing Atthis’ testimony & how grateful he is for the life God has given him & how much he loved his wife & kids. Through sharing his testimony, Atthis shared with us that Pierette has a degree of mental disability. The way he loves her, builds her up, is patient with her, speaks highly of her, & cares for her made me respect Atthis even more than I already did. Pierette has such a joy about her, & Atthis loves her so well. When Atthis was sharing about his beautiful wife, his son Mathensly was beaming & saying, “He loves my mom, he loves my mom!” It was so sweet to see that Atthis & his wife are setting the example to their children of what loving a spouse looks like. That’s the kind of example to set for your children – love that can’t help but overflow out of your love for God to those around you. It’s contagious. It’s radiant. It’s beautiful.

While Pierette was cooking, we shared stories & lots of laughter. It’s impossible to be in the presence of Mathensly without some laughter, dancing, & silly faces.

collage smallerIMG_9557 copy DSC_1430 copy  Above: Mathensly rockin’ those Raybans.
Below: Teachin’ him young.DSC_1292 copyIMG_9592 copyAbove: Clare (Amanda’s mom!) & Amanda.
I speak for me & my roommates when I say that we loved having you stay with us! 🙂IMG_9564 copy IMG_9563 copy IMG_9598 copy DSC_1396 copyAbove: A brief moment with a little neighbor girl who was so soft spoken, but eventually cracked a smile 🙂
Below: Those kids LOVE Amanda!IMG_9629 copyBelow: Amanda & Mathensly…just melting your heart like it’s their job.IMG_9642 copy

Pierette spent over an hour outside in the kitchen cooking chicken & plantains for each one of us. When she finished cooking, she was so joyful to serve us our food, & let me tell you – it was some of the best plantains I’ve ever had.

We all felt so welcomed into their home, hearts, & family.

It’s encouraging to know that my “last minute decision” to join Amanda, Clare, & Matt was exactly what my heart needed.
God is sovereign, & knew long before that I would be sitting in the middle of that village on that Thursday afternoon, & He would stir my affections toward Him. It is so deeply comforting to know that God knows our needs more than we do, & He is providing all we need for today.

Philippians 4:19 // And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Amanda wrote about this afternoon from her perspective, & it is beautiful. Read it? Also, she took so many of these photos! Thanks for being a dear friend who takes awesome pictures, Amanda!

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