Monumental Moment.

I sat in a meeting a couple months ago as we discussed some changes on the horizon in regards to our traditional Haitian meal for Sunday night dinner at Mission of Hope. As we continue to grow (praise the Lord), we began brainstorming the best thing for our Haitian staff & their days off, the team members we have serving week-to-week, & for the platform & responsibility we have to train the younger generation with the resources we have.

We have 62 young men & women that live at Mission of Hope in the orphanage (AKA: Hope House). Over half of these kids are in their teen years, & several of those kids are between 17-20. As our staff is praying through a transition program for these young adults, they came up with teaching these older girls a valuable skill – hospitality & cooking!

As of May 11, Sunday night meal is now prepared by a group of talented young women from our orphanage. As part of their preparation for transitioning out of the orphanage, our young adults have the opportunity to start part time jobs in different areas of the mission, including the Guest House.

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I can not imagine a better place to learn this great skill, & better people to learn from.

Can I be honest? I was nervous sitting in the meeting a couple months ago. I was nervous about change right on the verge of busy season. But then? May 11 arrived & I was a misty-eyed mess. I watched these young women serve so diligently, & cook with such skill. I saw them laughing, I saw them working together, & I saw them learning. Learning from Frankline & Mommy Roseline.

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On May 11, these girls (along with Frankline & Mommy Roseline) prepared 115 meals.
It was SUCH a success. Not only did the food taste incredible, but when I was able to stand in front of the guesthouse & announce the exciting news to the team members, the guesthouse abounded in applause & cheering. My eyes welled up when I saw the girls beaming.

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Sundays in Haiti have always been a favorite day of mine, & now? Sundays have only gotten better. Each week, I am reminded that we serve a loving God that goes before us, that is for us, & knows what we need.


I keep thinking about how grateful I am to be surrounded by leadership that is willing to take risks & branch out of their comfort zone & safety nets in order to do the best thing. I’m so thankful that I was not the one to make the decision – because honestly? I can not say that I would have done the “risky” thing or the thing that “had never been done before”. I’m SO glad that I have leadership that did. What an invaluable lesson.

2 thoughts on “Monumental Moment.

  1. My Pastor says, “God is never early but He’s never been late. He is always right on time.”
    I love how He always hedges us behind and before (ps 139)

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