Ordinary Places Turned Holy.


It’s just a living room.

It’s just a car.

It’s just a front porch in a village.

It’s just a kitchen table.

It’s just a coffee shop.

It’s just a running trail.



It was just a living room…until you are sitting on the couch with friends praying over the next seasons in your lives & thanking God for the summer. It becomes a holy moment & a holy place.

It was just a porch in a village…until you realize this bond of grace & are surrounded by dear friends laughing & hearing multiple languages & you can’t understand them all but you can understand laughter & joy & this grace bond. Holy.

It was just a restaurant…until it becomes the place where you are sitting face to face with those you love & talking about the most loving Creator who made one another for such a time as this & is THE Unchanging in the midst of an ever-changing world. Holy.

It was just a car ride…until you are hearing His Word & seeing His creation & that driver’s seat where you’re sitting becomes a monumental moment of worship. Holy.

It happens all•the•time & each time, I’m stopped in my tracks.

The ordinary moments…

I’m learning to really love them.  IMG_2806 BLOG

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