the process.

The process of creating a masterpiece?

IMG_1362edited IMG_1385edited

It’s messy.

It often looks like a jumbled mess with pockets of color everywhere: sometimes bright patches, sometimes dark patches.

A couple of years ago, I had an experience at a class in the States where I was painting a beautiful forest filled with trees & flowers. It was a group class, & we were all following the instructor’s directions. When she told us where to start painting & what colors to start with, I thought she was crazy. I didn’t see what she saw. I couldn’t fathom how the strokes I was painting would eventually turn out to look like a beautiful forest. When the class was over & I looked at my painting, I was pleasantly surprised at the way it turned out. It did, in fact, look like a forest with trees & flowers. There were valuable life lessons in this experience…but I, being a forgetful & busy human quickly moved past it & didn’t ever really sit & process how rich the experience was.

The Lord graciously brought back another opportunity for me to learn a deep Truth.

Yesterday, my job was out of the ordinary of my typical Wednesday. I had the privilege of going to Port Au Prince with Amanda to meet with my very talented painter friend Jojo (John Paul Joseph). He was born with a congenital birth defect & has very small arms & no legs. He loves the Lord, loves Haiti, & loves to create beautiful paintings.


I first met Jojo in 2012, & I remember his magnetic personality, his kind heart, & his perfect English. When it came time to think of someone to help us with a painting, Jojo immediately came to mind. Jojo shared stories while Amanda & I took photos. I was working on getting my camera settings right (hello blue walls), & then I felt the weight of the beauty of where we were at & the lessons the Lord was reteaching me. There we were, visiting with this talented, God-fearing man in the middle of Port Au Prince at a home for the disabled. The smiles from everyone when we walked in were filled with hope, purpose, & gratitude.

I focused in on the brush attached to Jojo’s right arm by a band. There was a cut-off soda bottle with water to rinse the brushes, & a tray full of paint.



Below, Emmanuel stands closely beside Jojo to help him when he needs more paint.

IMG_1413edited IMG_1382edited

The process of creating a masterpiece? It’s trusting the one creating it. There are messy parts. There are sections of bright colors. There are sections of dark colors. But the artist? He knows what he is doing.

Jesus wrecked me yesterday.

He reminded me that what I can often view as unfinished or messy is part of the process. Each stroke has purpose. It’s all contributing to the masterpiece that is well-intentioned & thought out.

It’s beautiful because we have a perfect Creator who loves us deeply and has promised not to abandon us or leave us unfinished.

I’m resting in that Truth & I’m grateful the Lord put me back into a situation to remind me.

Here’s to the visual learners, the artists, & the ones that feel like a bit of a mess. I’m right there with you.

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