take me to the mountains

I can’t believe I forgot to blog about one of my favorite Haiti adventures this past fall.

We went mountain exploring a couple hours away from the mission to a place called Rustik in Furcy. It was truly a dream. I guess I loved it so much, I locked up all the memories in my brain & heart & held onto them tightly. It wasn’t until I was cleaning off my computer recently, that I came across the photos that I never posted. So, enjoy some dreamy mountain photos…a few months late.

IMG_1960edited4 IMG_1969edited8 IMG_1980edited10

Yep. That’s a tree-house in the middle of the mountains. Magical.

IMG_1983edited12 IMG_1994edited14 IMG_1995edited15 IMG_1998edited16 IMG_2000edited17

Below, some photo adventuring with Amanda. You can read her post about this fun adventure HERE.

IMG_2013edited24 IMG_2007 - Version 2edited19 IMG_2030 - Version 2edited35 IMG_2040 - Version 2edited42 IMG_2057 - Version 2edited53 IMG_2073 - Version 2edited65 IMG_2080 - Version 2edited69 IMG_2081 - Version 2edited71 IMG_2083 - Version 2edited73 IMG_2090edited75 IMG_2094edited79

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset IMG_4787 IMG_4789 IMG_4819

Above: we bought SUCCULENTS on the side of the road. I was almost in tears I was so very excited to find some here. It’s the little things, y’all.

Below photos taken by Amanda.

DSC_9183 FullSizeRender  IMG_4801 IMG_4806

It was refreshing, rejuvenating, & all together lovely. I can’t wait to go back & visit!

One thought on “take me to the mountains

  1. Rachel! These mountain pics are just amazing! (As if your photos usually aren’t) A secret tree house, come on! What a dream, thank you for sharing!

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