Urgent Need: Transition Home

Valued reader & friend, I wanted to share with you about an urgent need that we have here at Mission of Hope: Haiti. We have until the beginning of July to provide a solution for the Government of Haiti regarding the 21 orphans who are 18 years old and must legally age out of our orphanage. We have developed an initiative that will allow them to continue to go to high school and maintain our commitment to our family.

21 is not just a number. These are 21 people who we get the opportunity to SHOW them that we believe in them and their future and dreams. These are 21 friends who have personally impacted me and I am eager to see how the Lord uses them in this nation for His glory.

My prayer is that you might be able to support this initiative, or be willing to share it with someone who could.

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God has given Mission of Hope the opportunity to raise up a generation of young Haitian men and women to faithfully serve and follow the Lord, who will play a critical role in continuing to bring life transformation to this beautiful country.

According to Haitian law, no one over the age of 18 is allowed to reside in an orphanage. Sadly, there is no current system of support for those that are aging out of orphanages across the country, and most often these young men and women have to stop attending school because they no longer have a stable home and meal. We do not see this as an option for the kids in our family.

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There are currently 21 transition age kids living on campus.  The Haitian government has graciously given us an extension for those 21 young adults to stay until July 1, 2015.  Sending these kids out to the streets is simply not an option for us. We are committed to loving and supporting them through this new season of life, but also need to honor the Haitian law in the process.

We are working to raise $310,000 by May 1, 2015 so that we can start construction immediately to build a transition home for these 21 kids. We have a plan to build a place for them to call home while they complete their high school education, which includes supporting them with any continued education and continuing to invest in their spiritual formation as they learn advanced life skills needed to be a mature adult.

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These kids have dreams of leading this nation for Christ! Some dream of being business owners so that they can provide jobs for orphans. Others want to be lawyers to advocate for orphans, and some want to be pastors, worship leaders, doctors and so many other things. The common denominator is that they want to use their futures to change Haiti and to help other orphans and abandoned children like themselves.


Please pray about partnering with us in this initiative, and let me know if there are any questions you have.

Click HERE to read a bit more about this project or click HERE for the direct link to donate to this transition home.

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