June 2015: Graduations in Haiti.

June has been filled with many great memories, but below are 2 specific moments that I will never forget.
I had the joy of going to 2 school graduations this month!

The first was the Leveque Kindergarten graduation, & it was extra special because Debus graduated! I could probably write about this for days, but I’ll keep it short: I am unbelievably proud of this kid & his family! It has been a joy to watch the Lord provide for him, & to see the community support him. I’m believing big things for this kid!

Kindergarten graduation is a HUGE celebration here in Haiti, & below are some fun photos from this joy-filled day!


anxiously awaiting his turn!

IMG_4813EditedLQ IMG_4819EditedLQ IMG_4838EditedLQ

below: this kid is dressed like a carrot for a short play!

IMG_4861EditedLQ IMG_4873EditedLQ IMG_4876EditedLQ IMG_4902EditedLQ IMG_4910EditedLQ IMG_4927EditedLQ IMG_4940EditedLQ IMG_4945EditedLQ

Elizabeth & some friends!

IMG_4949EditedLQ IMG_4956EditedLQ

below: friends who attend graduation ceremonies stick together! ha.
Elizabeth with her sponsor child, Sonson & me with Debus. What a joy to sponsor these friends.

IMG_4960EditedLQ IMG_4963EditedLQ

Ozanna is proud of her boy. Look at that proud mama look!


The second graduation was the High School Graduation at the School of Hope. 125 graduates walked the stage, & there was so much joy & excitement that filled the church. It was incredibly fun to see some of my friends included in those 125 faces. A local Village Champion, an employee’s daughter, friend’s nieces & nephews, & my beautiful friend Macline. Macline is no stranger to those of you who read my blog, & it was SO fun to celebrate this day with her. She is the first MOH orphanage child to graduate high school & she has dreams of becoming a lawyer to help the children of Haiti.

Below are some photos of this exciting time for these students & the Graduation Party for Macline!


above: beautiful Macline
below: Rachel & Katie. These women have been constant in Macline’s life & you can see how they are so proud of her!


IMG_4974EditedLQ IMG_4994EditedLQ IMG_5001EditedLQIMG_5108EditedLQIMG_5113EditedLQ IMG_5061EditedLQIMG_5127EditedLQ IMG_5186EditedLQ

above: Mackenlove loved the graduation cakes!
below: Mr. Marc encouraging Macline & making some jokes, too.


above: a sweet time of prayer over Macline
below: lots of fun photos with friends!

IMG_5235EditedLQ IMG_5227EditedLQ IMG_5207EditedLQ

Thanks for reading!

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