An Unexpected Port Au Prince Adventure.

Going to Port Au Prince is always an adventure. One Friday this summer, my friend Elizabeth & I decided to run into town for some groceries & a quick lunch…or so we thought. Sometimes…a better adventure is just around the corner!

I always enjoy the sights on the drive to PAP. Turquoise staircases & hand painted signs everywhere are always lovely.

2-PAP daysand flowers…of course flowers.  3-PAP daysThen of course, there’s the grocery store itself. Below is [one of the] most expensive sections of the store. Imported fruits. See those beautiful strawberries up there? About $15-20 US. Blueberries too. Crazy expensive.  4-PAP daysAnd then there’s ice cream. The second most expensive section.   5-PAP daysFor lunch, we went to a lovely place tucked away in the middle of all these beautiful trees up in Petionville. 5b-PAP daysLook at this salad! Shrimp, tomato, avocado…delicious. 6-PAP daysAnd then on the drive home is where our unplanned adventure began. 🙂 Our truck was overheating (because it’s Haiti & it’s hot & everything is overheated here) so our kind driver said we needed to pull over to be safe. So, we casually pull over next to a Salon/Repair Shop/Photocopy Center on the back streets of Delmas (PAP area).IMG_77229-PAP daysLaughing about it & embracing the unexpected adventure of the day, we documented with a selfie. 7-PAP daysWe then saw a shade tree & a bench directly across the street, so we hopped out of the car to sit in the shade. After sitting there a few minutes, we both started to faintly smell the divine scent of fresh bread. So in Creole, we started asking some women selling fruit beside us where the bread was made. Lucky for us, it was 3 buildings down from the place we broke down. So, we marched up to the little tucked away bakery, bought a loaf of freshly baked bread, & had a makeshift picnic under a shade tree while our replacement vehicle came to get us. 8-PAP days After we had eaten half of the bread, our driver said it would be better if we had it with avocado. We asked a few people walking by selling vegetables if they had any avocado & they didn’t. However, the precious women selling fruit beside us heard that we were looking for “zaboka” & they went and tracked some down! As soon as the woman arrived with the basket of avocados, the replacement vehicle showed up, & we had the second half of our picnic on the drive.

3 things I learned on our unexpected adventure:

  1. Freshly baked bread & avocado is a match made in heaven.
  2. I strongly suggest surrounding yourself with people who will search out the bakeries & have a picnic in the midst of the car breaking down. Take that lesson literally or figuratively…whatever you want. Find the fun in life…it’s there.
  3. Everyone needs more impromptu picnics. Don’t wait for your car to break down. Just pull the car over & enjoy!

Cheers to finding the joy in the daily adventures of life!

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