Summer 2015 Highlights.

Summer 2015 is officially my 3rd summer in Haiti! I’ve been here for the summers of 2012, 2014, & 2015 & can.i.just.say WOW. They’ve been FULL & they’ve been awesome. Below are some highlights & moments from this 2015 summer, enjoy!

also, captions are below corresponding photo

1-summer 2015There is talent abounding from my friends here at MOH.
ove watching them glorify God with their skills! 2-summer 2015Brittany was in Haiti for a month! We were all really excited about it. 🙂3-summer 2015Intern development. These 35 people are awesome. Loved Tuesday nights with them & our leadership getting to pour into them.4-summer 2015Sunday nights: A couple hundred people worshiping, hearing the Gospel, & hearing about what God is doing in Haiti. 5-summer 201520-summer 201526-summer 2015Caribbean rainstorms || total beauty.  24-summer 2015girls day in Port Au Prince6-summer 2015joyful guesthouse team & their cute matching7-summer 20154th of July: Haiti style.8-summer 201516-summer 201523-summer 2015 quiet moments filled with artsy things.10-summer 2015 11-summer 201527-summer 20159-summer 2015 12-summer 2015the sweetest birthday thanks to really thoughtful friends that go above & beyond to make a girl feel loved. from sunrise coffee & photo adventures, to an apartment decorated with notes from loved ones all over the world, to Office jokes, lunch overlooking the ocean, birthday cake, & countless notes & kind words…I am very grateful to have these people in my life & in my tribe. 13-summer 201517-summer 2015Leveque visits with Debus & his family. 14-summer 2015my home church came to Haiti, & my mom send homemade sugar cookies with them! I’ll be posting another blog full of photos from GFC’s trip to Haiti. There’s just too many to put in this one.  15-summer 2015Ladies night with the MOH staff women at Rosie’s. I’m extra thankful for ice cream, laughter, & friendships that spur one another on.18-summer 2015Grace: the instigator of all “Office” jokes. The above one is the classic “stapler in jello” prank & we loved every second of it. Grace, you are missed around here! Best of luck in Grad school, sweet friend. 19-summer 2015  quiet coffee moments in the midst of the messes. 21-summer 2015A basket FULL of keneps (the most delicious local fruit) from Mr. Wantously.22-summer 2015sodas of Haiti   25-summer 2015
In the middle of a busy guesthouse one morning, I look over & see Jean Marc praying over Amanda. I’m thankful for friends that point each other to Jesus.

What a wonderful summer it has been. I’m looking forward to sharing more stories from the past few months. Thanks for reading,


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